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Can Graphics Make Your Content Stand Out? | Top 5 Ideas

Can Graphics Make Your Content Stand Out?

Hi, all bloggers and new followers,

Can Graphics Make Your Content Stand Out?

Countless blog posts are being published on the internet per minute, hour, every single day, and 24/7. 

We don’t have a clear sense of how large the amount is.

This means that not everything on the internet is suited to writing. Yes, it is recommended that you associate the stuff yourself.

You have to commercialize and structure your content that fits/educates the reader visually.

Not every reader reads your blog post, you have to make the content scannable. So that the reader can quickly know what it is about.

😁 My top design tricks consist of 5 design tricks that you can use. To answer the big question Can Graphics Make Your Content Stand Out? = Yes.

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At the end of my blog post, you see a sentence with quick access to a blog post in blue. That implies it is an organic link that readers understand.

2) Commercialize relevant words with catchwords.

When you write a text in your blog post, and you want to link it to relevant content, you must edit and replace it with a catchword.

For example, I use the color blue so you can easily spot them in the text.

Adding WordPress tags can boost the engagement and SEO of your past or recent content.

3) Asking for tips and feedback.

There are some days you wish to get constructive feedback so you can keep moving to your next blog post.

Mainly feedback has 4 levels, which you must use. 

  1. Feedback in the comments.
  2. Feedback via mail.
  3. Feedback form.
  4. Feedback on social media.

I use all of them, and whenever there is something new, I share them with my blog community.

3) YouTube videos.

If you have any videos on YouTube, add them to your blog post. You can save a whole lot of time explaining offers or fun stuff.

The ability to switch to mobile can pay off your efforts in the long run.

4) Instagram post.

Do you have Instagram? Then you should follow me.

With Instagram, you can reach a bigger crowd. See my recent Instagram blog post.👇

I don’t have Instagram read why here.

5) Twitter & Pinterest posts.

Do you know that you can add your own social media post to your WordPress blog? This is a great handy trick to display, expand, and grow your content. 

get it done for $ 9.00


Nowadays, it becomes challenging to stand out from the crowd. But for any blogger, there is a simple solution. 

You can use the WordPress built-in block placer that enables you to be creative for your next blog post. 

You don’t have to get a plugin for it because it is a free tool in every WordPress editor.

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