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How To Get Your Instagram On WordPress In 2022

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How To Get Your Instagram On WordPress

I don’t have Instagram | Read why

Hello friends and new followers,

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Are you familiar with designing? Canva design tools let you create covers for your project with ease. I use the design tools from Canva with a free account that matches my content.

You can make numerous changes to your design to give it a perfect look. You don’t have to be a designer to create awesome covers – start with the customizable templates, and apply text effects to them. 

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How To Get Your Instagram On WordPress In 2022

Get Your Instagram On WordPress

The reason why you should mix Instagram with your blog post is that you can reach more potential readers through your blog. Instagram is one of the biggest media platforms with many people with the same interest as you.

It can also boost mobile reach, and it helps to promote content and channels. It can also help you create a community of followers and shoppers around your blog.

Be creative and share it with your audience on IG TV. 

With WordPress, you can easily set up your IG TV in your blog. It’s basically copying and pasting the desired links. Don’t worry about the followers and likes count. If you are fixed and obsessed with numbers, then that will limit you.

On the internet, you will find a lot of IG tricks and hacks those people don’t tell you that they are banned from IG using those methods that do not comply with the IG user agreement.

I don’t have a whole lot of followers on either of my media channels, but the user experience and interface are just cool. 

How To Get Your Instagram On WordPress In 2022

Displaying your Instagram portfolio and works on the blog.

You know by now what IG is and how powerful it can be when you use it right. It can be you want something to share with your audience, but where do you start?

  • Start by knowing some basic facts.
  • Learn the creative and business side by following content creators.
  • Selfie = not a business.
  • Create a great-looking IG post.
  • Create your IG TV.
  • Content on IG TV can be longer than 1:00 min.
  • Video on the IG feed is limited to 1:00 min.

Share behind the scenes with IG TV.

Your IG TV is your own space within your standard IG account. Many Instagrammers use that as a personal media outlet to grow their followers, but you can use it for business or share product ideas. 

Sharing a single Instagram post to WordPress.

Sharing a single post is important because you can direct the reader to that post. And it’s a way of direct marketing that can help you boost your likes count. That can add value to your blog and PageRank.

In the image is how you set a single IG post and where to look for it.

Click the image to see it full screen | You can place comments on the screen (scroll down)

Sharing a multi-Instagram post to WordPress.

Do you want to share a multi-Instagram post? Do you want to know how you can set it up? Watch the image below.

A multi-Instagram post is a sort of display of your latest post, and it can serve as a portfolio.

Click the image to see it full screen \ You can place comments on the screen (scroll down)


Instagram can be used to add value to your blog if you create selfies each hour you are not doing business. You turn away branding and miss out on business deals that can benefit your finance.

Learning to use IG for business costs a lot of effort and is time-consuming. Be patient with the business side of it and be professional with your IG post, because professional IG content may come into use.

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How To Get Your Instagram On WordPress In 2022

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