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What Are The SEO Guest Post Criteria? Content Marketing 101 Tips

What Are The SEO Guest Post Criteria? Content Marketing 101 Tips

So you want to write an SEO article but you want to know where to start. Before you continue you should know what the guest post criteria are for the website to which you want to contribute.

Also, what it takes to launch it, and what is the easiest and fastest way to contact the website owner.

I provide you with quick answers so you don’t have to read this entire article.

What Are My SEO Guest Post Criteria?

  • Write your content in MS Word or Google Docs I can copy-paste that file in 1 up to 3 hours my blog without the loss of quality.
  • The headline must contain a number and is at least a 60-word count. Also, you have to add images and or videos.
  • The first item must be an image that reflects your content.
  • Write an intro.
  • Divide your content into subheadings.
  • Try to give it an SEO structure or a structure.

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  • Write a bio short story of yourself with an image of your or your brand logo.

Below are examples of a bio to point you in the right direction.

About the writer


Courtney started Gig Spark to be a resource and the first step for people who are looking to join the gig economy, either to supplement their income or as a way to fulfill their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

About the writer.

What Are The SEO Guest Post Criteria? Content Marketing 101 Tips

Samuel is a Nigerian-based freelance writer offering blog writing services. He’s a lifelong learner and uses his experience to write content for small business owners, companies, and bloggers by providing Search Engine Optimized (SEO) freelance writing services that help increase search engine visibility.

You can learn more about his services here;

SEO Guest Blogging FAQ

How Can You Contact Dropner Blog?

Write your pitch (pitch = short 10 words) or share the title and send your request for a guest post.

Is Guest Post-Free On Dropner Blog?

Yes, I also have free resources for you! If you have no ideas for a title then go for free title generators like Tweak Your Biz or SEO Pressor.

What Does Dropner Blog Do For My Content?

Guest posting is fun but content marketing and creating SEO-friendly backlinks from my blog is a must-do in SEO.

How Many Words Must I Write?

Basic SEO words are at least 600 words up to 2,500 words count. I only accept a 600+ word count.

Can Dropner Blog Provide Me: With Anchor Text And URLs Fast?

Yes, I work fast and I’m skilled in content marketing see my works. I can provide it in the mail for you.

Are The Criteria For Guest Bloggers The Same For Business?


What Are The SEO Guest Post Criteria? Content Marketing 101 Tips

If you don’t stick to the SEO criteria, you see a bunch of errors. You want a blogger that can backlink your SEO post. And write SEO titles, SEO Meta, and keyword placing.

What are SEO backlinks?

You write a regular piece of content, but the links are marked for SEO do-follow links on this blog in blue and linking to a legitimate source.

I can change the link to do-follow.

Click the dots. Going to add do-follow links.
Click the dots. Going to add do-follow links. (click the image to see it full-size)
Adding do-follow links in WordPress
Adding do-follow links in WordPress (click the image to see it full-size)

Also, the link structure is vital for search engines. It should be a 75-word count this includes dashes.

SEO permalink structure with dashes

Those links must flow organically within your content and be set to open a new tab. Such posts can drive more traffic to other content work.

See examples of guest posts that meet the requirements from Dropner Blog.

8 Challenges Of Remote Working That Makes Employees Hate Their Jobs (Guest Post)

Self-Care A Necessity for Entrepreneurs – 4 Tips

SEO content and Page-Ranking facts

SEO content and Page-Ranking facts mean that you write content that meets the SEO basic requirements.

Additional SEO errors
Additional SEO errors | (click on the image to see it full-size)
Title and content errors
SEO title and content errors | (click on the image to see it full-size)

How to write for keywords

Related keywords must be found in the content that you want to rank for.

The best way to write keywords is to write them down, you can write much better content so your content must tell Google crawl bots what is it about.

Also, create a topic around it and cluster them. See the video from HubSpot.

Keyword for this blog post
Keywords for this blog post

Related content.

Can a guest post on improve my brand?

Yes, I can highlight content so you can promote it in your own way. If you want style content on my blog then you should go for the advertisement or starter plan. For this, you need to pay through PayPal if the payment is received I will continue.

To get an idea of what an advertisement plan has to offer, it is an ad that links to the destination URL.

Advertisement plan
Advertisement plan
Starter plan
Starter plan


Your Sales Text Goes Here

Introduction of sales. Example | We offer Off-Page SEO For Cheap And We Work Blazing Fast!

What Are The SEO Guest Post Criteria? Content Marketing 101 Tips

CTR leaderboard advertisement.

What does Dropner Blog offer you?

What Are The SEO Guest Post Criteria? Content Marketing 101 Tips

As you decide to share resources or you want a link swap you can also reap the benefits because my entire blog (post and pages) are made for SEO.

What Are The SEO Guest Post Criteria? Content Marketing 101 Tips

Another great thing is that my blog is made for speed and is responsive. If you decide to link my content to your blog, then don’t worry any link from my blog is good for speed.

There you have the SEO guest post criteria! Now you are ready to make the step to share content on my blog. And don’t worry about the complex SEO things because Dropner Blog has got your back.

If you ever get lost remind other bloggers or business owners that this blog post is also for them!